Staufenstra├če, Landsberg am Lech

On the southwestern edge of Landsberg, we wanted to create a settlement that derives its strength from the autonomy of the long shapes and simultaneously interweaves with the surroundings and absorbs existing stock. The widely curved lines incorporate existing structural lines and include three spaces, of which the middle one, as a shared common, continues the “quarter’s green area” on the south side and accommodates the collective functions of the individual building areas. The two outer spaces serve as private retreats, crossed by private service roads, which connect the individual building areas with the green centre, the common.


The common functions as a mixed zone in the best sense of the word and is linked to its surroundings by a large number of footpaths and cycle tracks. Moreover, it is the address for all internal buildings and can be accessed by temporary delivery vehicles and the fire brigade along the two north-/south-oriented blocks. At the northern end, at the bus stop, a small commercial space offers room for a bread shop, a café or a community centre as meeting and assembly point for the approx. 700 residents of the estate and others.

The space creation principle of the widely curved buildings defines two further large space relationships that take up the private retreats and clearly differ in character from the common. Narrow service roads between the back-to-back private gardens link the various units to the common area.

The building structure itself will essentially be formed by a 3-storey east-west-oriented building type, which can accommodate terraced houses as well as apartments. The northern and the southern blocks, which are four-storey, form the edges of the estate and include the common.

The building groups are arranged in such a way that the parking spaces are located in the centre between the buildings in underground garages beneath the private gardens. They are accessed from existing roads from the outside so that the estate can be kept free of cars.

Location: Munich

Competition: 2017/2018 (1st prize)

Awarded by: Stadt Landsberg am Lech

Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi

Dominik von Waldthausen, Vic Bogaert


Gross floor space: ca. 28,000 sq.m.

Building site: ca. 34,000 sq.m.

Floor space ratio: ca. 1,2

Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur, Munich/Zurich

Figure-ground diagram

Site plan


Model Photo

Model Photo