Schwabinger Carré II

Two buildings are added to the south side of the existing development from the 1970s to form a superblock. The characteristic scale and proportion of the location are taken up and continued through the volumetry of the buildings. The two recessed roof storeys are not superimposed onto the standard floors but are a component of both the existing building’s cubature and of the superblock.


The angular apartment building on the west side displays large, volumetrically effective incisions in the main façades. These reveal a 3-metre recessed transparent building layer that continues upwards in the roof storeys. The roof landscape, with its individually arranged stylistic idiom, provides a high residential quality on the generously dimensioned roof terraces. Its expression is a reference to the typical terraced buildings the neighbourhood. The building contains about 100 apartments of varying sizes, which are reached via 4 staircases and are homogeneously connected to the 3-storey underground garage.

As a reaction to this modular character, the building with micro-apartments and a supermarket in Schleissheimer Strasse is subject to usage of a more rigorous order. The two-storey roof construction is interlocked at the street corner with an over-high building section and thus finds coherence in the overall corpus. Both depth and conscious proportion are created in the façade. In the front layer, shelf-type stone construction structures the appearance. On the second level, it is filled with partly massive façade elements that meet both acoustic and climatic requirements. The building is accessed via a central lobby with lifts and has room for about 95 apartments.

In accordance with the character of the superblock, both building elements are slightly set back from the road and have different intermediate ground spaces according to the various usages.

location: München

PROJEct since: 2015

client: Vesta Zwei GmbH

Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi
mit Marcel Meili, Markus Peter

Ruth Wetcke


Gross floor space: ca. 21.000 m2

Building site: ca. 4.300 m2

Floor space ratio: ca. 4,3

Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten, München

MEILI, PETER ARCHITEKTEN - from the start:
Johanna Irmisch, Yiying Shao, Jenny Lutz, Frank Frömming, 
Hassen Chtioui, Florian Rothermel, Viktor Poteschkin, Bingyu Xu, Jue Liu, 
Hanna Jensen, Annelie Asam

Figure-ground diagram

Situation plan


Floor plan 2nd floor

Floor plan 6th floor

Section A-A

Elevation South

Example floor plan apartment

Detail Stair-rail

Study stair-rail

Ansicht Schleißheimer Straße

Perspektive Schleißheimer Straße

Teilansicht Strassenfassade

Fassadenausschnitt Fensterlelement

Perspektive Hoffassade

Frontalansicht Hoffassade

Fassadenausschnitt Loggia

Model photo

Model photo facade micro-apartments



visualisation facade

Visualisation materials facade

Collage Materials staircase

Model photo Micro-apartments

Model photo corridor Micro-Appartements