Concert hall Munich

Our architecture is not explicit. It is not transparent, light, elusive or ephemeral. It is real, haptic and emotional. And it is precisely in the explicit, manual, tangible, genuine specification of the spatial that we see a possibility for the constitution of a concert hall as a highly specialised public space, as well as its complex social environment in industrial eastern Munich. Our contribution is therefore not a dazzling lighthouse: it is serious, a meeting place between high culture and subculture. A magic vessel, a house of shared music. Just like the Broadway theatres, the building falls into line with its industrial surroundings and opens up in its interior to a separate, magical world of music and encounter.


The support structure and the hall architecture are the central motifs that subdivide the building and give rhythm to the space. It is the large mass of the building that intervenes centrally in the environment. Shining bricks and industrial glass as elements of the hall architecture, overlaid with a golden roof. A slight irritation, a phase shift in the midst of the industrial area, which only refers to the interior at the second glance – this is how the building slowly enters the visitors’ awareness.

Inside, the untreated support structure lifts the large concert hall above the roofs of the surrounding buildings. The lower central portico is a place of gathering and orientation. From here, it spirals upwards, widens in front of the small halls, bars or meeting points, offers views to different sides of the surroundings, and is functional and practical. Above the roofs, the view stretches back westwards to the towers of the Frauenkirche and the evening sunset. From here, the great hall opens up, concentrated and tailored to the moment of music.


COMPETITION: 2016-2017

AWARDED BY: Freistaat Bayern, represented by Staatliches Bauamt München 1

Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi

Borja Goni, Christoph Lenhart, Nora Walter, Hanna Jensen, Arno Denk, Sofia Terceros


GROSS FLOOR SPACE: ca. 47,415 sq.m.

SITE SIZE: ca. 7,250 sq.m.


Grabner Huber Lipp Landschaftsarchitekten und Stadtplaner, Freising

Figure-ground diagram

Site plan

Floor plan, Ground floor

Floor plan, 6th floor

Longitudinal section large concert hall

cross section

Elevation Northwest

facade section

Visualisation Large concert hall

Comic strip


Design sketch

design sketch large concert hall

Carrying structure

Foyer large concert hall

Model photo Northwest