Hanauer Strasse

Development of a residential district in Hanauer Strasse

In the heterogeneous area between Neuhausen and Moosach, which is characterised by the most varied usages and building types, the design takes its strength from a certain independent identity:
Large multi-unit buildings are placed together to form a courtyard-like but open space. This results in building lines and independent spaces that establish themselves within the different aspects of the district as a new, autonomous location and, in addition, make strategic contact with their environment. The interiors are “informal courtyards” that are accessed via large archways and gaps between buildings. They thus create a permeable, urban-like transition between the different surrounding functions.


No basic typological distinction is made between the interior and the exterior, for the “courtyards” are ultimately nothing but flowing park spaces between separate large buildings. The plastic arrangement of the buildings owes its character to this “all-round” structure: outside, the individual wings pursue the dimensions of the surrounding architectures, while inside, the projections form, in the interplay of the structures, spatial zones of differing identity. The varying depths of the building wings, the “density” of the building, contains the rooms with different massiveness according to their situation.

The floor plan reveals very different building depths within the buildings. These are intended as a nucleus of the typological differentiations of the apartments’ floor plans, the aim of which is spatial openness to different exteriors and a high adaptability to the individual requirements of an increasingly heterogeneous population.

The building, which has been tendered for implementation, is located within the newly developed site on the northern edge, directly adjoining the noisy approach to the bus depot. The task of the design is to create a positive dialog between the dominant elements of the extremely narrow site within the envisaged, strong urban character and the principles developed in the planning aspect. The apartment floor plans are developed analogue to the urban planning concept and continue, even in this exposed situation, the resulting multifaceted urbanistic visual perspectives inside the apartments. Accordingly, the apartment floor plans receive their individual design shaped by living facing the South and the spectacular view to the North. In the foreground is the transverse, piazza-style structure of the apartment.

location: Munich

competition: 2014, (Urban planning aspect: 1st prize, 
Constructional implementation aspect: Acclaim)

awarded by: Stadtwerke München GmbH 
(Public Services of the City of Munich)
in coordination with the Bavarian State Capital Munich

Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi
mit Marcel Meili, Markus Peter

Franziskus Martin, Sophie Pittico 



Urban planning aspect:

GROSS FLOOR SPACE: ca. 58,000 m2

Building site: ca. 3.1 ha



Constructional implementation aspect:

Gross floor space: ca. 12,400 m2

Building site: ca. 5,600 m2

Floor space ratio: ca. 2.2


Landscape architects: 
Keller, Damm, Roser Landschaftsarchitekten, Munich

Figure-ground diagram

Site plan

Floor plan, ground floor

Floor plan, 1st floor


South elevation

East elevation

Vertical section / Facade

Visualisation Bird's eye view

Model photos