Die Welle Köln

Die Welle Köln – Areal Deutsche Welle

The design derives its strength from the defining parameters of the neighbourhood – from the proportions of commercial buildings and from the necessity of protection from noise. Like ships in a harbour, swaying gently in the wind, lie the large, elongated buildings in the immediate vicinity of the characterising high-rise of Deutschlandradio (German Radio). Peace and stability characterise the location.


The large green area leading to the Ringpark is situated within the sector and is reached easily, very close to the new housing area. For this reason, we did not want to create any additional central public space on the site. The spaces between the buildings form different green identities, which themselves shape the buildings and are gently embraced by them.

The need for individual protection has an ever increasing effect on the appearance of our cities and the architecture at the interface between, for example, the source of noise and a housing area. Nevertheless, the aim of the design is to face up to the city in a manner as open and lively as possible within the given framework. Accordingly, the supposedly repellent noise-protection wall opens up over adjacent spaces wherever possible. Leisure areas appear closely staggered out of the wall and create long views along the roads. Adjoining rooms arranged on the ground floor on the road side, as well as raised outer zones create the necessary distance between residential and public space.

Location: Cologne-Marienburg

competition: 2015 (2. Preis)

Awarded by: DWK Die Welle Köln Erste GmbH & Co. KG

Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi
mit Marcel Meili, Markus Peter

Magdalena Vondung, Markus Reher, Nora Walter,
Eva Janusch, Tommaso Bisogno


Gross floor space: ca. 74.500 m2

building site: ca. 55.700 m2

Floor space ratio: ca. 1,9

grabner + huber landschaftsarchitekten


Figure-ground diagram

Site plan

Floor plan, Ground Floor

Apartment Type A

Apartment Type B

Apartment Type C

Visualisation 'Inhabited wall'

Visualisation 'Green Oasis'

Model photo

Model photos

Visualisation 'Ships in harbour'