Baumkirchen Mitte

In order to do justice to the mediating function of Construction Site III within the housing area Baumkirchen Mitte, we thought it important to reinterpret the rules defined by the land-use plan for this construction site in two places within the meaning of the overall idea. On the one hand, we suggest that at four urban-relevant corners the urban street and park spaces be better contained by building lines that intentionally break with straight building lines. In addition, we want to use a massive structure to anchor adjoining building sites altogether characterised by horizontal arrangement on site.


Within the winding structure, the apartments seek a language that mediates between the different directions, a language that is characterised by soft and connecting living/dining areas. The design proposes for the ground floor mezzanine apartments that also have a raised garden section. Directly adjoining the stairways, storage rooms for prams and pushchairs are planned. There are waste disposal areas as well as bike sheds at two central places in the basement under the courtyards that can be reached by separate lifts from the ground level.

The roofs are accessible to the household community via the public stairwells. These roof spaces include communal areas and shared roof terraces and can be used for many things such as raised planting beds for urban gardening. Additionally, individually accessible roof areas can be assigned to the uppermost apartments and reached via internal stairs.

Outwardly, the building appears as a plastered, masonry building in the best Munich tradition with an expressive, thick plaster rendering. The plinth area and the upper floors are offset by different structures. To the South and West sides, the structure opens up with long-drawn loggia strips whose inner sides are lined with a warm, untreated wood and which continue the soft, engaging structure of the urban building configuration and the floor plans towards the exterior and makes them perceptible.

location: Munich

competition: 2014 

Customer: PATRIZIA Deutschland GmbH,
CA Immo Deutschland GmbH

Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi
mit Marcel Meili, Markus Peter

Franziskus Martin, Yiying Shao, Marius Slawik


Gross floor space: ca. 16,000 m

Building site: ca. 8,100 m2

Floor space ratio: ca. 2.0


Site plan

Floor plan ground floor


Perspective Park

Model Photo

Model Photos

Perspective Street

Vertical section